A Letter to America

Dear America,

I’m writing this to tell you a hard truth. You need help. Over the last year I’ve watched you go from irritated to confused to angry. Beneath all of this, driving it like a train conductor, has been fear.

You fear the unknown, you fear the different, you fear the loss of your ideals and jobs, you fear that violence may be done against you. These are reasonable fears. 

Fear is ok. Fear tells us that something is wrong. Fear is useful, it helps us survive. 

We can’t let fear control us. 

We have to master our fear, not let our fear own us and twist our perception. When we allow that to happen we ignore facts, we perceive threats where there are none, we overreact. We make mistakes. We lash out in anger. We look for a savior. 

No one person can save you, America, you can only save yourself. Let go of the anger. Allow the voice inside you that cries out for reason and tolerance to find peace with the voice of fear and anger. Allow hope to soften those negative emotions and direct them into useful tools, not blind destruction. Make sure your aim is true. 

America, you have cancer. Unlike a human being, your cancers aren’t malignant cells, but malignant ideas and institutions. Greed, corruption, political parties more interested in keeping themselves in power than fixing what’s wrong with you, homegrown terrorists, racial hatred, lack of education and opportunity; these are your cancers cells. 

Like any good surgeon, we have to isolate the cancers and remove them with precision. They are surrounded by healthy tissue, sometimes they are disguised, and if we don’t cut true, we may damage healthy cells. Cut out too many healthy cells and we will damage what you are. You have decided on a radical treatment, now just make sure your surgeons identify the right places to cut. 

America, we love you. You are our home. We believe in you, in what you can be.We will fulfill our obligation to you, to help defend you and to stand up for the ideals your parents hoped you would realize. Do you like comic books, America? You must, you are home to the best. My favorite is Captain America. He believes that, no matter what, we have to stand up for what we believe in. We can all stand for you, America, if you let us and we let ourselves. We must try and make sure we stand for the best of what you can be; truth, tolerance, freedom from oppression, the privilege of participation in government. We must lay our fears aside, see the world for what it really is, adjust our aim and live true to Americas values. 




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